First, you will need to download a copy of Steam. Steam is a digital distribution method created by Valve Software and it's completely free. Once you have Steam installed on your pc you can chose various games to play, which are transferred to your computer.

Get Steam!

Once you've got Steam installed you can either buy the full game of Rag Doll Kung Fu, or try out the free demo (see next column)



Want to know the difference between the demo and the full version? Or need to know the system specs? Check out the FAQ.

If you have steam already installed then you can on click on RDKF from within Steam, it will be listed within your games list, like this:

Clicking it will allow you to start downloading the game. There are 2 versions of the game, the pricing works like this

  • Full Version - $14.95
  • Demo - FREE!

So you can try out the demo first, and if you like it then then upgrade to the full game with all the features.

If you've already downloaded Steam then you can use this direct link to get the demo:

Requires Steam


(If you download the demo you won't need to redownload if you decide to upgrade to the full game)


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